Integrated Service Management Essentials™


No other course provider gives you an 'integrated' view of IT Service Management (ITSM) – a must have in today’s turbulent business environment. This includes a unique 'Full Stack' view of DevOps, which is a necessity to successfully enable improved quality, higher speed and a reduction in costs.

IT organizations are constantly challenged to improve the way services are delivered in respect to quality, speed and cost. In response to these ongoing pressures, organizations have long turned to ITSM frameworks such as ITIL® to improve the quality and value of their service delivery capabilities.

In addition to ITIL, recent trends and market pressures have introduced new models, methods and concepts designed to further accelerate traditional IT management practices such as project management, software development and service delivery. However, many organizations find that these practices are leveraged in isolation by different teams. This leads to competition for resources – creating conflict and distracting management focus, rather than collaborating and gaining the benefit of integration.

The Integrated Service Management Essentials certification course adds to your knowledge of proven ITSM capabilities and demonstrates how the practices of Lean, Agile and DevOps work together with ITIL processes to enable successful outcomes, remove waste, lower costs and increase business value.

The course promotes the view that an 'integrated' approach to managing these practices is needed (and explains exactly how), and that it is not a matter of “which one do we choose?”


By the end of this certification course, you will be able to articulate:

  • The concept of integrated service management in relation to business goals
  • The scope, benefits and key touch points of integrated service management in respect to how ITIL, Lean, Agile, DevOps and organizational change management practices collectively revitalize your service management initiative, enable process acceleration, reduce risk, lower costs and deliver customer value
  • The differences in perspective and focus of a technology versus a service outcome-focused organization
  • The core service management lifecycle stages and processes as defined by ITIL and how they are enabled or modified by other models such as Agile and DevOps
  • The core elements of Lean thinking, value stream mapping and process improvement
  • Agile project management practices, including Scrum roles and processes
  • How the principles and automated practices of continuous delivery, integration and deployment improve speed to value and reduce risk
  • The key principles of 'DevOps – The Full Stack' in respect to improved collaboration, continuous delivery and automation
  • How organizational change management practices can be applied to achieve success with major cultural transformations

This class is designed for anyone working in an IT organization with a role in service management, operations, project management, software development, management and leadership.


There are no mandatory prerequisites. Work experience in IT services is recommended.


This course prepares participants for the examination leading to the Integrated Service Management Essentials certificate, granted by Professional Designations:

  • Exam is 1 hour; multiple-choice; closed book
  • You will receive an exam voucher for the web-based exam, to be scheduled after the course
  • 12 PDUs are awarded

Material for this course will be provided in downloadable soft copy. However, if you prefer, you may print the files according to the Pink Elephant Terms of Use.


  • NEW! Self-Paced Online:
    • Take the course at any time in your web browser at your own pace.
  • Public (Open Enrollment):
    • Live Classroom: On specific dates throughout the year, conveniently located in hotels in major cities across the country with our expert instructor.
    • Web-Based: On specific dates throughout the year; hosted live online with our expert instructor. All courses are delivered in Central Time (CT), with a few exceptions delivered in Pacific Time (PT) as indicated in the shopping cart below.
  • In-House (On-Site):
    • Live Classroom: On dates convenient to you; exclusively for your team at your location with our expert instructor.
    • Web-Based: On dates convenient to you; exclusively for your team; hosted live online with our expert instructor.

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Duration (Public / In-House):
2 Days

Formats Offered:
NEW! Self-Paced Online

  • Live Classroom
  • Web-Based
  • Live Classroom
  • Web-Based

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Professional Designations

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Course Dates for Integrated Service Management Essentials™
Course Fee
Self-Paced Online
CAD 789.00
Public Dates - Virtual Classroom
9 - 10 Dec 2019
CAD 1,495.00
Public Dates - Live Classroom
20 - 21 Feb 2020
Las Vegas, NV
USD 1,495.00
Public Dates - Virtual Classroom
16 - 17 Mar 2020
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Public Dates - Virtual Classroom
11 - 12 Jun 2020
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