Agile Project Management In Action: The Challenge of Egypt


How does your team cope with constantly changing business demands when saying no is not an option?

Step back 4,000 years to Ancient Egypt in this one-day highly-interactive and educational simulated environment, where participants hone their Agile project management skills as they work their way through a Pharaoh’s list of demands on building a pyramid. Participants will learn their own, and their team members’, respective strengths and weaknesses and how the effective application of Agile methodologies can help cope with fast-changing business demands and requirements.

The roles of traditional project management are changing. Agile Project Management In Action: The Challenge of Egypt focuses on implementing Agile principles such as cross-functional teamwork and communications as well as practices such as Scrum, Sprints, product backlog, Sprint review and deployment. The goal of the workshop is to provide a safe environment for teams to experiment and learn new ways of working together. The end goal is to help your organisation remain flexible, reduce costs and shorten delivery cycle times while meeting the hectic demands of the business.

Your team’s challenge: the Pharaoh has called for a meeting with the High Priest, who has put together a team of experts – architects, risk experts, quarry experts, a Nile expert and construction workers. The team will decide what products they can develop in the first sprint and, step-by-step, the team will develop all the products. Even as the requirements of the Pharaoh change, the team will handle the situation using established Agile principles.


Participants will learn to:

  • Get more out of their project management training and translate theory into practice
  • Harness Agile and Scrum concepts including the ‘Agile way of thinking’
  • Create customer value in a dynamic environment
  • Work together in a team that is focused on executing an Agile project
  • Understand project roles and dependencies in an Agile setting
  • Apply Agile principles and processes
  • Explore Agile best practices and how to effectively use them in a project environment
  • Increase project performance and customer value


This course is applicable to anyone working in the fields of IT and project management.


8-12 confirmed participants are required to run this workshop.


There are no prerequisites for attending this interactive training workshop.


You will attain 9 professional development units (PDUs) for Project Managers.


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